CAR FREE 4EVER. This is a People power movement and WE will prevail.

Time has Come Today to make JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park a permanent People’s Park devoid of polluting and climate killing cars.


On a gorgeous Saturday morning hundreds of people of all ages gathered to express an unwavering commitment that this movement will not be denied. Elected officials and City officials along with representatives from various NGOs participated in a show of solidarity.

Lion dancers entertain and enthrall the crowd on JFK Drive

The crowd was entertained by Lion Dancers to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

3 JFK 2.12.2022.jpg
Rallying The People on JFK Drive

San Francisco Supervisors Matt Haney and Rafael Mandelman spoke up for a Car Free JFK Drive.

43 JFK 2.12.2022.jpg
David Miles rocks the crowd on JFK Drive

David Miles, the Mayor of Golden Gate Park, who has worked on this project for decades, exhorted the crowd.

34 JFK Drive 2.12.2022.jpg
Ruth Malone addresses the JFK rally

Ruth Malone, a Health Professional, talked about the physical danger cars pose to people. She has witnessed the carnage as a long time medical professional and is outspoken in her support of a car free JFK Drive.

45 JFK 2.12.2022.jpg
The People march for a CAR FREE 4EVER JFK Drive

During the past year there have been rallies with increasing numbers of participants. Today’s was by far the largest and most enthusiatic.

With the recent Court decision turning back a group of litigants who sought an immediate Order to bring back climate killing cars rally goers were enthused.


People of all ages throughout San Francisco show their support for car free JFK Drive

This is a People power movement and it will prevail.

41 JFK 2.12.2022.jpg
Walk, Bike and Ride the Bus reads one homemade sign on JFK Drive

Now the push is on to convince San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to look forward and make this City a beacon for the Planet in the time of climate change.

46 JFK 2.12.2022
The present and future car free JFK Drive