View from Moscow. War danger rises after U.S. fearmongering on Ukraine

The average American is being treated to a diet of press releases and Washington talking heads being trotted out to spin the predictable anti-Russia version of events in Ukraine.

It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fiction.  What I know is that America has promoted a staunch anti-Communist (translate Russia and China) policy during my entire lifetime.

To gain some perspective I read People’s World. I am unsure what’s the reality. But, at least I can avail myself of the view from the other side and judge for myself.

It’s a dangerous situation and no government can absolve itself of responsibility for this brewing international crisis. It must be resolved. Now.

Excerpted from People’s World 2.10.2022

After U.S. credibility was strained again Thursday by yet another declaration coming from President Joe Biden that he expects a Russian invasion of Ukraine in the next few days, Secretary of State Antony Blinken rushed to the U.N. to assure the Security Council that “I am here today not to start a war but to prevent one.” He followed his declaration with a string of provocative remarks and claims that Russia is on the verge of invading Ukraine. Russia insisted, once again, that it has no such plans.

In Moscow, Maria Zakharova, a spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry told the press that she hoped the U.S. would make up its mind soon about the day Russia will invade because the shifting predictions have forced her to repeatedly give up plans to take time off work. She issued a “request…for the schedule of our ‘invasions’ for the coming year,” in a jab at the Western powers and corporate media. “I’d like to plan my vacation,” she said.

Better Red than Dead 4.27.2021

Some in the U.S. intelligence community, noticing that their predicted Feb. 16 invasion failed to materialize, are now circulating Feb. 20 as the new date on which the world can expect the invasion to begin.

The real war danger, however, has dangerously increased as the result of several moves by the U.S., not Russia, in the last two days.

The increased tension in the east is precisely what can be expected from the hyperbole and fear-mongering by the Biden administration, especially when it is coupled with massive arms shipments to Ukraine, which have been funneled to the Ukrainian Army stationed in the east. As the tension predictably increases, the Biden administration has tried to characterize the outbreak of fighting as “false flag operations” by the Russians, moves intended to justify an invasion.

All of this happened Thursday after the Russians announced several additional troop reductions from the areas along the Ukraine border. The U.S. claims the Russians have not reduced the placements of troops along Ukraine’s borders.

Ukraine I 1.20.2022

U.S. diplomats, in an example of analytical nonsense, are saying Russia is trying to overturn “30 years of peace” in Europe allegedly brought about by NATO. The claims are absurd enough on their face when we see the war danger unfolding over Ukraine but are clearly even more absurd when we go back a bit in history.

After World War II, there began a period of almost 50 years of peace in Europe resulting from the presence of the Soviet Union and a bloc of socialist countries in Eastern Europe. The continent, in its entire history, had never experienced a half-century of peace before that.

Once the Soviet Union was dismantled and the socialist countries disappeared, NATO filled the vacuum. Conflicts and wars, beginning with fratricide and genocide in Yugoslavia, began and continued up until what we see developing today.

Ukraine VI 2.7.2022.jpg
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Biden at recent White House meeting

U.S. diplomats also point to Crimea and Georgia to claim that “Russia is trying to do the same thing today in Ukraine.”

War danger rises after continued U.S. fearmongering on Ukraine