San Francisco Fire Department on the job. Hot plate sets off school alarms

Every Picture Tells a Story – San Francisco Fire Department edition

Lee Heidhues – 2.24.2022

Walking Jack this afternoon I came upon the scene of several pieces of fire equipment by our neighborhood school, Lafayette.

A firefighter was up on the roof of the school and his comrades were standing by.

The Captain told me a Hot Plate had set off the fire alarms and the Fire Department responded immediately. Everything was fine. It’s reassuring to know that in this City of 850,000 people crammed into 50 sq. miles we have such a dedicated group of fire fighters with the best equipment.

Hook and ladder truck in front of Lafayette School
Firefighter descends from the roof of Lafayette School
Firefighter on the scene
Mother and child view the action
A cyclist drives near the scene
Supervising fire Captain on site