Recall supporters use bullhorns. Disrupt DA Chesa Boudin campaign event

Text and Photos – Lee Heidhues 3.5.2022

It was a sunny day at Alamo Square Park in San Francisco as an enthusiatic crowd kicked off the campaign to fight the Right Wing mercencary campaign to Recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

A posse of Recall supporters, in the best Trump January 6, 2021 insurrectionary style, showed up and attempted to disrupt the rally.  Shouting into bullhorns, yelling and screaming these people showed their true colors. Anti-democratic reactionaries funded by the most Right wing financiers in America these people have no respect for democracy.

The People who cherish democracy can expect more of these Orwellian tactics to rear their ugly head in San Francisco leading up to the June 7 election.

24 Orwellian Disrupters 3.5.2022

Following are several photos displaying the tactics those reactionaries who suppress free speech are utilizing in their attempt to bring down the democratically elected chief law enforcement officer in San Francisco.

This is not democracy. This is harassment.

6 Recall Disrupters 3.5.2022.jpg

4 Recall Disrupters 3.5.2022.jpg

12 Recall Disrupters 3.5.2022.jpg

11 Recall Disrupters 3.5.2022.jpg

2 Recall Disrupters 3.5.2022.jpg3-recall-disrupters-3.5.2022.jpg

23  Recall Disrupters 3.5.2022.jpg