4,000 arrested in antiwar demonstrations across Russia, human rights group says

While the Ukraine people fight heroically against Warmonger Putin the citizens of his own country put themselves at risk.

Russians have taken to the streets to shout out against the warmongering and threat to World peace brought about by Warmonger Putin.

Excerpted from Washington Post 3.6.2022

More than 4,400 protesters were arrested Sunday at antiwar demonstrations across Russia, according to OVD-Info, an independent human rights organization that Russian authorities have declared a foreign agent.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, antiwar protests have occurred daily, OVD-Info reported. Russia has detained at least 10,318 protesters in 121 cities.

Ukraine LXV Protests 3.6.2022.jpg
Russian citizens protest Thug Putin’s War and face Police State brutality


Crowds chanted “No to war!” while streaming through Moscow and St. Petersburg in a pair of videos posted to Twitter. In another, a demonstrator sang Ukraine’s anthem while being hauled away by police.

Authorities arrested at least 4,468 people across 56 cities in Russia, the organization said, as people risked arrest to denounce the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

The group reported multiple instances of excessive force against protesters, including beatings and the use of stun guns. Among those detained were 13 journalists and 113 juveniles.

Ukraine LXIII Protests 3.6.2022

Footage shared on social media showed police taking demonstrators into custody, at times using force. Several officers wearing body armor surrounded a person who was flailing on the ground. One officer struck the person with a baton and kicked the person before another shooed away the camera filming the encounter.

Spontaneous mass demonstrations are illegal in Russia, with protesters facing the possibility of fines and jail time.

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State brutality in Thug Putin’s Russia