Last Act: Job done. Department of Public works rolls through to the finish line

April 4, 2022 – Photos by Lee Heidhues

The San Francisco DPW crew showed up on a Monday morning and with brisk efficency completed the job of repaving our street.

I appreciate their good work and thanked the crew chief.

The only other exchange I witnessed was when a neighbor came out as the street repaving job concluded and asked a crew member, “Can I park my car here now?”

Scant appreciation.

We know people’s car centric priorities in this town.

Following is a photo montage of DPW employees on the job maintaining The Streets of San Francisco.

72 DPW Last Act 4.4.2022
Early Monday morning
Equipment in place
76 DPW Last Act 4.4.2022.jpg
The Vögele ashphalt machine
78 DPW Last Act 4.4.2022.jpg
On the job
Taking a measurement
85 DPW Last Act 4.4.2022.jpg
Eyeballing the photographer
The equipment is joined
The crew
The tree stands tall
95 DPW Last Act 4.4.2022
Surveying the finished job
Packing up
96 DPW Last Act 4.4.2022.jpg
The street repaving is completed