Supervisor Chan met with “Incredibly Desperate” deYoung Lobbyists 14 times

Liz and Lee Heidhues 4.10.2022

It is an appalling public record.

Supervisor Connie Chan met with Platinum Advisors, Lobbyist for the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, 14 times in a 12-month period beginning in March 2021.

The most recent meeting occurred on March 16, 2022.

On April 5, 2022 Supervisor Chan, harsh foe of Car Free JFK Drive in San Francisco’s historic Golden Gate Park, introduced legislation.

If approved it will open a 1.5 mile safe strip of peace and tranquility to cars. This now quiet Peopleway has been car free the past two years.

The afternoon Chan introduced her legislation, she received a phone call from Platinum Advisors lobbyist Ryan Blake. See attached.

64 Ryan Blake VM Chan 4.5.2022.jpeg
Transcipt of phone message from Platinum Advisors lobbyist Ryan Blake to Connie Chan the same day she introduced legislation to bring back cars to JFK Drive – 4.5.2022

Platinum Advisors, a powerful national lobbying firm whose deep local connections date back to Willie Brown’s time as mayor, started going to work on Supervisor Chan in March 2021, right after she took office.

Platinum Advisors contacted Chan four times over the next two weeks, according to disclosures required by the city’s Ethics Commission.

Contacts between lobbyist Platinum Advisors and Supervisor Chan have continued to the present time. Supervisor Chan’s relationship includes being cultivated by FAMSF CEO Thomas Campbell who, the public record shows, has worked relentlessly on the first term legislator.

62Screen Shot Ryan Blake JFK Drive 7.27.2021
Transcript of exchange between Connie Chan’s office and Platinum Advisor lobbyist Ryan Blake (RB) – 7.27.2021

At the same time Chan met with Platinum Advisors, the first rally on JFK Drive in March 2021 was held by car free supporters. I asked the organizers, “Where’s Connie?” Connie Chan was not a participant. I was told “she is not a supporter” of the effort to keep JFK Drive car free.

3 Car free JFK 3.20.2021.jpg
JFK Car Free rally 3.20.2021

On a recent tour of the museum, Helena Nordström, an employee of the non-profit Corporation of the Fine Arts Museum (COFAM), acting on behalf of the Fine Arts Museum told The Standard that officials are “incredibly desperate” to see JFK Drive reopened.

COFAM is so “desperate” that it, “went on a spending spree, rolling out a new lobbying campaign last Fall called Park Access 4 All, with its own webpage and ads being blasted out across a variety of platforms. COFAM has spent roughly $133,000 since October to lobby city officials and blast out political ads,” according to The Standard.

63 Connie with Sups Ronen and Walton.jpg
Supervisors Connie Chan, Hillary Ronen and Shamann Walton at Mayor London Breed’s State of City Address – 2022

Link to The Standard article 4.8.2022

War for JFK Drive: How a Museum’s Money Is Shaping the Fight Over San Francisco’s Most Controversial Street