Connie Chan’s Year of Environmental Destruction Meets its Moment of Truth

Liz and Lee Heidhues 4.25.2022

Connie Chan’s year-long siege to attack car free spaces – JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park and The Great Walkway along the Pacific Ocean – in San Francisco will have its day of reckoning tomorrow, April 26, 2022.

The Board of Supervisors will decide if they have any core beliefs when it comes to climate change and the environment. Or just choke on the fumes of political expediency.

Confronting Supervisor Chan’s 10 Supervisorial colleagues will be her proposal to permit pernicious climate killing cars onto JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park after a marvelous two-year absence.


Connie Chan has already driven back the 24/7/365 Great Walkway (aka Great Highway) along the Pacific Ocean into a weekend only car free area.  A sneak attack on The People launched behind closed doors when the Supervisors were on summer break in August 2021.

Now Supervisor Chan is closer than ever to achieving the biggest climate-killing victory in her lifetime. Only in San Francisco could a faux “progressive” politician like Connie Chan attack car free public spaces and achieve her coup d’etat.

Amsterdam, Brussels, Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, Utrecht – to name several large cities – have successfully turned their municipalities into largely car free meccas.

This past year Supervisor Chan has aligned herself with the most strident fossil fuel advocates and the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (FAMSF) to further her goal to extinguish car free spaces. It is a well documented, tawdry tale.

48 Daughter of Oil Industry 10.6.2021.jpg

Connie Chan’s betrayal of the Green New Deal Pledge which she advocated in 2020 is shameful.

Connie Chan III 6.24.2021.png.jpg

Sadly, advocates of a car free JFK Drive –  and there are thousands  – have refused to openly condemn Connie Chan’s duplicity. 

San Francisco is hard core money driven politics.  It is NOT Civics 101.

Connie Chan is a fierce political warrior who knows how to play the City Hall insider backroom game in her adopted City.

Let’s hope the good government types who play by the rules do not get taught a tough lesson in how San Francisco really works.

43 Environmental Hall of Shame 9.23.2021

Artwork – Liz Heidhues