Beleagured San Francisco POA boss in reelect bid trashes DA Chesa Boudin

I posted this Blog less than three weeks after Chesa Boudin was sworn in as District Attorney on January 8, 2020. From Day One the San Francisco Police Officers Association (POA) has waged a vicious campaign to bring down this Progressive DA. Now, with the assistance of the most right wing wealthy contributors appealing to a paranoid and fearful electorate, the POA and their law and order followers are pushing hard for their Political Coup d’etat.

Lee's Perspective

I just watched the SFPD video of the Jamaica Hampton shooting.  At 3:45 into the video someone shouts, “Get a POA rep out here!!!” The video is available on Youtube. It is disturbing.

DA Chesa Boudin is doing what a fair minded prosecutor should do. He is reviewing all the evidence before reaching a prosecutorial decision.

This drives the POA into a state of apoplexy. Its current boss, Tony Montoya, is in a tough reelection fight. Mr. Montoya is rallying his Base with a continuing assault on the new DA.

During a December fracas with SFPD in the Mission District Jamaica Hampton, 24, struck an officer with a glass bottle and fled. For this Mr. Hampton has been maimed for life. For now DA Boudin is not pressing charges against either Mr. Hampton or the cops who shot him.

POA has undertaken a scorched earth policy to undermine the District…

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