SFPD lapdog cum Breed’s appointee to Board of Supervisors barks at DA Boudin

Lee Heidhues 5.31.2022

The vicious political coup d’etat will reach its denouement on June 7 when the multi-million dollar campaign to overthrow Progressive DA Chesa Boudin meets its fate at the polls.

The latest local politician to align himself with the MAGA reactionaries is  Supervisor Matt Dorsey.  

The same Matt Dorsey who, until two weeks ago, spent his time shilling for the San Francisco Police Department and by extension its Union, The Police Officers Assocation.

The very same POA which spent over $700,000 to defeat candidate Boudin in 2019.

The same POA which has spent the past  29 months attacking and excoriating DA Boudin.  Now this Cadre of repressive law and order have a mouthpiece on the Board of Supervisors.

Matt Dorsey is wasting no time in carry out the desires of his ultimate masters.  Law enforcement and those City Hall politicians who are actively collaborating in this attack on Democracy.

Matt Dorsey II 5.31.2022.jpg
Former SFPD shill now interim Supervisor with his former boss Chief Bill Scott

Matt Dorsey – Interim San Francisco Supervisor and former PR talking head for San Francisco Police Department 

“I’m convinced, personally and professionally, that San Francisco needs to do better. That’s why I’ll vote yes on Prop H in the June 7 election.”  


Top Photo – Matt Dorsey and Mayor London Breed