Breed’s Puppet DA sworn in. Raze Progressive Justice in San Francisco

Lee Heidhues with editorial assistance from Liz Heidhues 7.8.2022

Mayor London Breed, who was behind-the-scenes leader in the political Coup d’etat, has rewarded Brooke Jenkins by anointing her the chief Law Enforcement official in San Francisco.

July 8, 2022 will go down as one of the most abhorrent and desultory days in San Francisco’s political history.  

It is a vile and disgusting travesty seeing City Hall hacks and hangers-on cheer on a Puppet District Attorney who was a shameless agent in the ousting of Progressive DA Chesa Boudin.

Brooke Jenkins I 7.8.2022.jpg
Mayor London Breed with Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins during her swearing in Ceremony – Looking over Breed’s shoulder is Man Kit Lam, vicious opponent of DA Chesa Boudin 7.8.2022

The swearing-in of Puppet District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, a leader in the political coup d’etat ousting Progressive DA Chesa Boudin, ranks right up with the worst travesties in the City’s history.

  • 1934 – Longshoremen’s Union workers shot by the San Francisco Police Department during an 83-day Strike, peaking with killing of two Strikers on “Bloody Thursday” July 5 
  • 1960 – San Francisco Police Department officers brutally dragging protesters down City Hall stairs during notorious House unAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) hearings 
  • 1968 – Beatings of students by SFPD Tac Squad during the student Strike at San Francisco State 
  • 1978 – Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk assassinated at City Hall by ex-cop Dan White 
Brooke Jenkins VI 7.8.2022.jpg
A disconnected Mayor Breed trots out her Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins at City Hall 7.7.2022

Puppet DA Jenkins quit her job as an Assistant District Attorney in October 2021 after a dispute with DA Chesa Boudin over her insistence on sending a mentally handicapped man to prison.

Jenkins then spent the next eight months attacking DA Boudin she had previously praised on the record.

On June 7, 2022 her treachery was rewarded when 55 percent of the voters in San Francisco, following a vicious 7.2MM campaign funded with money from America’s most reactionary financiers, ousted Progressive DA Chesa Boudin.

Brooke Jenkins VII 7.8.2022.jpg
Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins surrounds herself with flags as she prepares to undo Progressive Justice reforms of DA Chesa Boudin

Now the apostasy continues.

Will a lazy and compliant Media, aggressive agents in the destruction of a Progressive District Attorney, step away from their gaslighting and attack Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins with similar harsh scrutiny?

Will the portion of the public that brought into play Law ‘n Order rants, lies and half truths to destroy Chesa Boudin, cast a similar jaded eye at the Puppet DA?

Top photo – Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins being sworn in by San Francisco Superior Court Presiding Judge Samuel Feng 7.8.2022