Friday Morning Massacre. Breed’s Puppet DA spills political blood on the floor

Lee Heidhues 7.15.2022

Today will go down in San Francisco history as The Friday Morning Massacre.

Mayor London Breed, who led the political Coup d’etat against Progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin, is now seeing her vengeful law ‘n order political agenda carried out.

Puppet District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, ex-Assistant District Attorney working for Chesa Boudin, quit last October and spent eight months as the Recall spokeswoman.

Breed  handsomely rewarded her for performing these dirty political chores.

After just a week  being sworn in as Puppet DA she is carrying out her benefactor’s wishes. This is the stuff of corrupt dictatorships.

Chesa Boudin’s top staff was summarily sacked.  Replaced by hard core law ‘n order prosecutors whose Mission will be to undo all the reforms put in place in the past 30 months. 

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Most disturbing is the selection of Nancy Tung as the new boss of Special Investigations. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that one of Tung’s responsibilities will be to investigate “police misconduct”. This is reprehensible.

Nancy Tung ran against Boudin in 2019.  She finished third in the four person race. During the campaign Tung was the only candidate who said she would not prosecute  SFPD cops who murdered Mario Woods in 2015.

Tung is on the Board of Directors of the virulent law ‘ order NGO StopCrimeSF. Tung, like her new boss the Puppet DA, spent the last several months campaigning to Recall the Man who beat her in a democratic election.

Now, without having to face the voters, Tung has been rewarded a place at the Table. A Table at which the voters emphatically rejected giving her a Seat in 2019

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 7.15.2022

In among her first significant moves as San Francisco’s district attorney, Brooke Jenkins on Friday began a massive overhaul of her office’s personnel, firing several employees and announcing the posts of four new lieutenants who will help lead her management and transition teams.

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Rachel Marshall, Boudin’s director of communications and a policy adviser, was among the first to be fired.

The shake-up comes a week after Jenkins was sworn in as the city’s new top prosecutor — the culmination of an historic recall of her former boss, Chesa Boudin, in which she played a major role.

Jenkins’ new top hires, Ana Gonzalez, Nancy Tung, Tiffany Sutton and Rani Singh, have all spent several years as prosecutors in the Bay Area, and some of them sparred publicly with Boudin in the past.

Tung, an Alameda County Assistant District Attorney, will be the chief of special prosecutions, taking on sensitive cases that could range from domestic violence to police misconduct to fraud. She will also serve as the lead liaison for the the office’s community partnerships across San Francisco.

Like Jenkins, Tung also has a history of conflict with Boudin. She ran against him for District Attorney in 2019, coming in third in the city’s ranked-choice voting contest and was cast as the candidate most in favor of stricter penalties for people accused of crimes.

Tung also publicly supported Boudin’s recall, and was rumored to be Breed’s second-choice pick for District Attorney. This year, prior to Boudin’s recall, Tung told the San Francisco NAACP that she would seek the office again if Boudin was ousted.

“I promised the public that I would restore accountability and consequences to the criminal justice system while advancing smart reforms responsibly,” Jenkins said in a statement Friday.