The Spirit of Jack Heidhues lives on The GGNRA Coastal Trail in San Francisco

Lee Heidhues 8.1.2022

I saw Jack’s Native Spirit in the Coyote with whom I crossed paths earlier today on The Coastal Trail as the Native inhabitant casts a glance my way.

It was one week ago that Jack made his final escape to escape the ravages of Metastatic Lung Cancer at the age of 14 and 271 days.

Liz and I have now returned to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) Coastal Trail where we have taken our five dogs on their daily walks during the nearly 37 years they were part of our family.
Lucky January 1986 – April 1999
Simba April 1999 – December 2009
Rainbow March 2000 – July 2010
Luke July 2010 – July 2020
Jack December 2011 – July 2022

During the past seven days Liz and I have once again enjoyed the Coastal Trail on the Northwest corner of San Francisco which provided five canine companions, Liz and me with joy, adventure, thrills, anguish, excitement and peace.

2 Jack  Liz Luke9.2019.jpg

Liz with Luke and Jack – September 2019

18 Coastal Trail.jpg

4 Coastal Trail

14 Coastal Trail.jpg
A scenic and quiet spot
5 Coastal Trail.jpg
A view of the historic Golden Gate Bridge
27 Coastal Trail.jpg
Trees dominate the Coastal Trail hillside
15 Coastal Trail.jpg
Monday afternoon on The Upper Coastal Trail
21 Coastal Trail.jpg
Looking North from the Northwest corner of San Francisco
34 Liz at Mile Rock Beach.jpg
Liz Rocks as she creates a sculpture at Mile Rock Beach tailed by Luke
With the waves crashing just feet behind him a nervous Jack checks out Luke, a gentle dog who was always ready for a photo shoot – Mile Rock Beach, December 2018
25 Coastal Trail
Seabirds fly over the Coastal Trail
22 Coastal Trail.jpg
Rosalie and Liz revisit the spot of many dog walks
9 Coyote Coastal Trail
Jack’s Native Spirit looks on