Chesa’s seen enough. “Integrity is central to the job of DA.” Puppet Jenkins has none

Lee Heidhues 8.10.2022

After maintaining a diplomatic silence for two months following the political coup d’etat which ousted him from office as San Francisco’s Progressive District Attorney, Chesa Boudin has had enough.

News that former staff member Jenkins quit, spent eight months attacking him and was named Puppet DA by Mayor London Breed earned over $100,000, despite calling herself a “Volunteer”, compelled Chesa Boudin to speak out.

News of Jenkins well paid “Volunteer” chores on behalf of the Recall comes at the same time The San Francisco Chronicle has a piece on the Reactionary MAGA money behind the Recall. Too bad The Chron didn’t publish four months ago what…

Everyone fighting the vicious Recall knew to be Fact. (see attached link).

74 Puppet DA art by Liz 8.10.2022
Queen of Puppet DAs – artwork by Liz Heidhues

Excerpted from The SF Standard 8.10.2022

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins doesn’t appear to have broken any laws by netting more than $100,000 from a nonprofit closely tied to the recall effort against her former boss Chesa Boudin.

Boudin issued a terse Twitter comment that went as far as to accuse Jenkins of “lying” in a social media post, saying “integrity is central to the job of District Attorney.”

“If jurors can’t trust your word, they won’t convict,” Boudin wrote. “The relationships with judges and defense counsel and victims are all built on integrity. Lying to get ahead destroys the trust we need to make SF safer.”

But her previously undisclosed six-figure salary, accrued while the recall campaign touted Jenkins as an unpaid volunteer, could raise issues of public perception for the district attorney as her political viability is put to the test in November when Jenkins will run for election for the first time.

As The Standard first reported Tuesday, Jenkins made upward of $100,000 as a consultant for the nonprofit Neighbors for a Better San Francisco, an organization that appears to be the nonpartisan counterpart of another nonprofit that was largely behind the Boudin recall.

The revelation, which the top prosecutor disclosed this week on a statement of economic interests after Mayor London Breed appointed her to office July 8, has prompted allegations that Jenkins misrepresented herself as a volunteer for the recall.

Chesa in Court 5.7.2021.jpg
The Real District Attorney Chesa Boudin in San Francisco Superior Court

Matt Gonzalez, a top attorney with the Public Defender’s Office and leading figure in the local progressive faction, said the situation looks “terrible” for Jenkins from a political perspective because of the “exorbitant” amount of money she earned and the fact that her pay was only now disclosed.

Matt Gonzalez 3.4.2019.jpg
Chief Trial Attorney Matt Gonzalez at City Hall Memorial service for the late Public Defender Jeff Adachi – 2019

“She’s basically trying to say, ‘I’m a Good Samaritan volunteer over here, out of the goodness of my heart trying to alert you to problems with the Boudin administration,’” Gonzalez said. “But then you learn that she’s being paid for it. … That gives me a lot of concern.”

Gonzalez said Jenkins could face a tough race in the coming months if a progressive-backed candidate jumps into the race. Boudin has bowed out of running against Jenkins in the coming election. Friday is the deadline for any other contenders to formally enter the contest.

“She’s never held elective office, she’s never run a campaign and she had never been under personal scrutiny,” Gonzalez said. “She’s been in office a very short amount of time and has attracted probably more negative press than Boudin did in the same amount of time.”

Brooke Jenkins’ $100K Pay May Have Been Legal, But Was It Ethical?