Mayor Breed & her Band of dark money trolls behind DA Chesa Boudin Recall.

August 5, 2021 was 10 months before the Coup d’etat which ousted Progressive District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Lee’s Perspective with a nod to Tim Redmond, publisher of 48 Hills, sounded The Warning. Mayor Breed was the moving force behind the Recall effort. A warning shot about the culpability of Mayor London Breed in the Recall campaign. A warning which was ignored with dire results for Progressives in particular and San Francisco in general.

Lee's Perspective

Liz and Lee Heidhues 8.5.2021

It is a shameful and sad time for San Francisco, a so called “Progressive” bastion in America, when duplicitous members in the Democratic party are lining up to support the attempted ouster of District Attorney Chesa Boudin.

Mayor London Breed is a behind-the-scenes advocate in the attempted Recall of democratically elected “progressive” District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Mayor Breed, a political moderate herself and soulmate of the traditional Democratic party establishment, is tacitly by her silence supporting the Recall attempt.

The attempted Recall, circulating by a group of “moderate Democrats”, is being led by Mary Jung, former head of the local Democratic County Central Committee. Ms. Jung has plenty of well connected fellow enablers.

One person leading the campaign is Andrea Shorter who actively worked on Ms. Breed’s candidacy for Mayor in 2018.

Nancy Tung is a Recall supporter. She ran for DA against Chesa Boudin…

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