High Fashion at the Edge of the World in San Francisco on a foggy August day

Lee Heidhues 8.18.2022

Yesterday was my birthday and our wedding anniversary.  It was a foggy, windy, cool Wednesday. Perfect summer weather in San Francisco.

Liz and I celebrated the occasion by having lunch in the Cafe followed by an hour tour of the Guo Pei fashion exhibit at the Legion of Honor.

A fixture since 1922 in the beautiful northwest corner of San Francisco overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Guo Pei fashion is stunning, artistic, edgy, intricate and a feast for the eyes.

Photos – Liz and Lee


21 Legion of Honor
Fully masked Liz enthralled by Guo Pei

71 Legion of Honor

12 Legion of Honor.jpg


15 Legion of Honor.jpg27 Legion of Honor

An attendee of the Guo Pei Couture Fantasy exhibit fashionably attired for the occasion enjoys lunch in the Legion of Honor Cafe

34 Legion of Honor.jpg35 Legion of Honor.jpg23 Legion of Honor.jpg40 Legion of Honor57 Legion of Honor.jpg47 Legion of Honor.jpg75 Liz Legion of Honor.jpg91 Liz Legion of Honor.jpg

87 Liz Legion of Honor79 Liz Legion of Honor90 Liz Legion of Honor.jpg85 Liz Legion of Honor.jpg

The view outside the Legion of Honor – Joan of Arc rides high