Money to destroy JFK Promenade comes from Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Lee Heidhues 8.27.2022

Let there be no doubt the effort to destroy JFK Promenade is a wholly owned and funded project by The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and its primary patron Dede Wilsey.

Diane Dede Wilsey gave $200,000 to Proposition I – aka Access for All – to pay mercenaries to qualify their insidious ballot measure for the ballot.

Yes on I Statement 7.31.2022 (2)
3. Committee Information ID 1449299 – Access for All, Sponsored by Corporation of the Fine Arts Museums and Open the Great Highway Alliance

As of the end of July 2022, the FAMSF has collected $285,000 in its profit driven effort to destroy JFK Promenade

40 Dede Wilsey and Thomas Campbell 9.20.2021
Dede Wilsey and FAMSF CEO Thomas Campbell
Dede Wilsey and Trump 7.17.2019
A person is known by the company they keep – Dede Wilsey. The woman whose deep pockets and political connections are trying to destroy JFK Promenade

Following are two links.

The first is the complete July 31, 2022 Statement filed by Access for All with the Ethics Commission.

FAMSF contributions YTD 258K 7.31.2022

The second attachment is a list of all the Paid arguments submitted by proponents of Proposition I – Access for All. These arguments will appear in the San Francisco voters handbook.


41 Yes on J for JFK 8.27.2022