‘Justice Beyond Politics’ – John Hamasaki and the fight for the City’s Soul

Lee Heidhues 9.18.2022

District Attorney candidate John Hamasaki kicked off his campaign to oust the Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins on a damp rainy Sunday at 518 Mission Street before an enthusiastic crowd of over 50 supporters.

John Hamasaki, a former member of the San Francisco Police Commission and criminal defense attorney, knows better than anyone how the political system works. The Puppet DA will have plenty of money and is a known commodity in the mainstream media.

Launching his campaign, Hamasaki jokingly told his crowd that he had to call up his high school friends from 25 years ago. “Hi. This is John. How’s it going? I’m running for DA and need your help.” The response, according to John, “You? Really?”

“Yes. I need some money.”

The stakes are high. Mayor London Breed was the leader of the 9MM MAGA funded Coup d’etat which ousted Progressive DA Chesa Boudin.

Breed continues to consolidate her power.

The Mayor cannot be allowed to continue running rough shod politically over San Francisco with her law and order Administration. Policies being aggressively implemented by her handpicked Puppet District Attorney who continues to tear down the work of her predecessor.

Supervisor Dean Preston, neighborhood activist Gloria Berry and a retired Judge exhorted the troops to push hard in the next 51 days to elect a DA who is independent, will fight for Progressive Justice and toss out the ethically challenged opportunist interim DA Brooke Jenkins.

10 Hamasaki DA 9.22.2022

The candidate steps out in the Mission District

2 Hamasaki DA 9.22.2022
518 Mission Street – site of the Hamasaki campaign kickoff
35 Hamasaki DA Gloria Berry Liz 9.18.2022
Gloria Berry – San Francisco native and decades long fighter for Progressive Justice
29 Hamasaki DA 9.18.2022.jpg
Part of the crowd at 518 Mission Street
17 Hamasaki DA 9.18.2022.jpg
Waiting for the candidate
DA candidate John Hamasaki campaign manager Kaylah May gets ready for action
DA Candidate John Hamasaki
The sign in the window says it all – JUSTICE BEYOND POLITICS

Top photo – Liz Heidhues, fighter for Justice, flashes the V for Victory salute wearing her Me-Too-Cap. The same cap she wore to the Women’s March on Market Street the night of Trump’s inaugural – 1.20.2017.