Police Commish rips Mayor “Backlash to Black Lives Matter… POA seizing power.”

September 23, 2022
Almost a year ago Mayor Breed was waving her Law and Order
Then Police Commissioner, now District Attorney candidate John
Hamasaki was one voice calling out The Mayor.
It appears Breed’s Chief of Police is not sufficiently Law and Order
in carrying out her Police State San Francisco agenda.
The Standard piece of September 23 has exposed the Mayor’s conniving for all San
Francisco to see.

Lee's Perspective

Lee Heidhues 12.14.2021

San Francisco Mayor London Breed is coming down four square as the law and order Queen and spokesperson for the Police Officers Association with her controversial call to flood the Tenderloin with cops and providing them with more surveillance tools.

The Mayor, who was born and raised in the nearby Western Addition housing projects, is well aware of drugs, crime and their impact on society.

The Mayor must know that arresting street level drug dealers and users is not going to solve the crime problem.

The Mayor is taking this action to score political points with a fearful, uptight and paranoid electorate. The reality is that the crime level has not increased. In fact, the rate of crime in several areas is actually down.

That is not stopping the Mayor from plowing full speed ahead with her lock ’em all up talking points. The kind of law…

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