“Fuck you” Politics. “Draconian censoring of my work.” Roger Waters to Poland

Lee Heidhues 9.25.2022

Our lives are inextricably tied to The Pink Floyd.

Living in Europe Liz and I saw The Pink Floyd in Saarbrucken, Germany in November 1970 and a few months later in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Eventually returning to San Francisco we saw the group at Winterland.  

1 Miesau 2017
2017 – Liz visiting Miesau, Germany down the autobahn from Saarbrucken where we saw The Pink Floyd in 1970
3 Miesau 2017
2017 – Lee takes a look back in time in Miesau, Germany
11 Miesau 2017
The German countryside in Miesau, Germany

Our music collection contains most of the group’s LPs and CDs.

Roger Waters may be a controversial figure in 2022 with his views about Ukraine, The Israelis, Facebook and his environmental advocacy.

In our minds Roger Waters will always and forever be the stand out musician of Pink Floyd and beyond.

Attached to this Post is the 23 minute piece Echoes from The Pink Floyd 1971 LP Meddle.

3 Pink Floyd 9.25.2022.jpg
Roger Waters

“So it’s a missive from Mark Zuckerberg to me… with an offer of a huge, huge amount of money and the answer is, ‘Fuck you! No fucking way!”

The musician explained his opposition to Zuckerberg and Facebook.

“I only mention that because it’s the insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything. So those of us who do have any power, and I do have a little bit—in terms of control of the publishing of my songs I do anyway. So I will not be a party to this bullshit, Zuckerberg.”

Deustche Welle 9.25.2022

Concerts by Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters have been canceled by a venue in the Polish city of Krakow, organizers said on Sunday after the artist’s comments on the war in Ukraine sparked a storm of criticism. “Live Nation Polska and Tauron Arena Krakow have canceled Roger Waters’ concert,” organizers said in a statement on the venue’s website. However, they did not elaborate on the reason for the cancellation.

In a social media post, Waters denied that he or his management had canceled the concerts and criticized Krakow councillor Lukasz Wantuch, accusing him of “draconian censoring of my work.”

On Saturday, state news agency PAP reported that a spokesman for Tauron Arena said Waters’ management had canceled the concert without giving a reason.

8 Pink Floyd 9.25.2022
Assorted Pink Floyd albums

‘Persona not grata’ in Krakow

The Krakow city council is scheduled to debate a motion on Wednesday that would declare Waters “persona non grata.” One of the councillors, Lukasz Wantuch, had urged city residents to boycott the Waters concerts.

Roger Waters, an open supporter of Putin, wants to play in Krakow … It would be shameful for our city,” Wantuch said earlier on social media. “Let him sing in Moscow.”

11 Pink Floyd 9.25.2022.jpg
Pink Floyd memorabilia purchased at Rockin’ Rudy’s – Missoula, Montana

Waters says he only wants ‘negotiated peace’

“Lukasz Wantuch seems to know nothing of my history of working, all my life, at some personal cost, in the service of human rights,” Waters said.

Paraphrasing the words of his hit single “Another Brick in the Wall”, Waters also wrote: “Hey! Lukasz Wantuch! ‘Leave them Kids Alone!'”.

He said he had only wanted to urge the countries involved “to work towards a negotiated peace rather than escalate matters towards a bitter end.”

Wantuch said in a Facebook post on Sunday morning that he was in Ukraine and would respond to Waters’ statement in the evening.


Top photo – Pink Floyd group photo from LP Meddle – 1971

L-R:  Roger Waters, Nick Mason, David Gilmour, Rick Wright