What a fine few weeks for feminism it has been!-Liz Truss in the U.K. and Ms. Meloni

Lee Heidhues 10.3.2022

Quote of the Day – 10.2.2022

It is great that little girls now have role models so they, too, can grow up to be crazed world leaders —

Thanks to Zoe Kelman on Twitter – San Francisco

And, hey “Progressive” San Francisco.  

Don’t forget our ethically compromised role models.  Interim District Attorney Brooke Jenkins and her equally compromised benefactor, Mayor London Breed.

Breed and Jenkins 10.3.2022.jpg
Sitting pretty. Ethically compromised. San Francisco interim DA Brooke Jenkins and Mayor London Breed – Role models for little girls?

Arcelia Hurtado is a former Assistant District Attorney fired by Jenkins. She  argued earlier that London Breed’s brother, currently serving a 44 year prison sentence for murder, should have his sentence modified. A modification which ousted DA Chesa Boudin approved.

Nonetheless, Breed wants Breed’s brother to remain in prison.

“The mayor’s appointed DA is desperate to make the public believe that she is not a mayoral puppet,” Hurtado said.

Brooke Jenkins crosses her benefactor.

Throws London Breed’s brother to Wolves for political expediency.

The worm turns for Breed.

The Man she drove from office argued to have Breed’s brother’s sentence modified. Jenkins will do anything and throw anyone under the bus to achieve her goals.

Innocent defendants. Chesa Boudin. London Breed. San Francisco’s law and order mob got what it deserved. A totally corrupt, compromised, cunning crook as DA.

Excerpted from The Guardian 10.2.2022

What a fine few weeks for feminism it has been!

First Liz Truss became Britain’s third female prime minister and now Giorgia Meloni is expected to be Italy’s first ever female prime minister.

The former is a deeply unserious person who used to be most famous for a viral rant about cheese before gaining global recognition for helping to crash Britain’s economy in record time.

Liz Truss 10.3.2022.jpg
England’s new Prime Minister in ceremonial robes

The latter is the most right-wing Italian leader since 1945: a bigot with a history of homophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-choice views who represents a post-fascist party and hasn’t definitively distanced herself from fascism.

Scrap all those inconvenient facts, though. It’s not their policies or their moral compasses that matter: the most important thing about Truss and Meloni is that they are women. Sisters are doing it for themselves, and all that. (“It” being far-right politics and crashing the economy.)

Like it or not, representation matters: you can’t be what you can’t see. I might not agree with Truss and Meloni’s policies but I can put my lefty political leanings aside for a moment and admit that they are both inspirational trailblazers.

Little girls can finally grow up secure in the knowledge that they have what it takes to help drive the pound to record lows. They can go to sleep at night knowing that authoritarianism isn’t just for the boys. That’s progress, isn’t it? That’s worth celebrating, right?


Top photo – Italy’s new leader. Far right politico Giorgia Meloni