San Francisco Chronicle vile “red baiting” hit piece on DA an insult to The City

October 9, 2022
I have been trying to figure out why The Chronicle has banned me from the @SFchronicle Twitter feed for several months.

Perhaps it had something to do with this Blog Post I published on January 19, 2020.

Less than two weeks after Chesa Boudin was sworn into office as District Attorney
The Chronicle shamelessly published an Op Ed by Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Companion of Donald Trump, Jr. Loudmouth Foghorn for the MAGA crowd.

And, by the way, one time Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco and one time wife of former Mayor, now Governor Gavin Newsom.

What is not an assumption is the undisputed FACT that The Chronicle had its sites set on bringing down Chesa Boudin on the day he was sworn in as District Attorney on January 8, 2020.

Award winning columnist Heather Knight being the main torch carrier for The Chronicle’s war on Progressive Justice in general and Progressive DA Chesa Boudin, in particular.  Heather’s reportorial record speaks for itself.

Kimberly Guilfoyle III1.8.2022
Kimberly Guilfoyle. San Francisco Chronicle Op Ed columnist

Lee's Perspective

January 19, 2020

Has the Chronicle no decency? It’s fitting the Chronicle would print this Red baiting  Opinion piece just after the American Experience Documentary on Joseph McCarthy. The Kimberly Guilfoyle hit piece is a 2020 version of McCarthyism. The Chronicle is continuing its crusade to undermine DA Chesa Boudin. The Chronicle has become the forum for the Police Officers Association and others who look unfavorably on the criminal justice reforms DA Boudin will be implementing. These attacks will only serve to strengthen the resolve of the San Franciscans who voted Chesa into office.

Guilfoyle I 1.19.2020

Kimberly Guilfoyle with Trump, Jr.

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