People know the System is rigged. The only alternative. Disrupt the Status Quo

Lee Heidhues 10.20.2022

If the video feed is to be taken at face value it was not a pretty scene at San Francisco State University on Thursday evening at the District Attorney candidates debate.

Interim DA Brooke Jenkins, who is under investigation for prosecutorial misconduct and ethics violations, made a hasty exit when confronted by  a group of angry protesters. Their anger was encapsulated by the attached poster.

63 Brooke at SFSU 10.22.2022.jpg

During her 104 day tenure as interim District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins has refused to engage in a serious discussion with her critics. Instead, she has feasted on a fawning Media which has been more interested in her trip to the ice cream shop in West Portal.

Jenkins one dedicated mission is to tear down and undo everything that the Man she ousted in a political coup d’etat put in place during his 30 month tenure.

Brooke Jenkins doesn’t even deserve to be in the same room with Chesa Boudin.

In a debate two days ago, Jenkins was able to walk away unscathed because of the weak format organized by The League of Women Voters.

 Jenkins needs to account for her actions. Tonight’s protesters were making a clear and unambiguous statement they are fed up with her law and order pandering.

The people who are condemning the protesters are of the same ilk which drove a Progressive District Attorney from office.

These are the same type people who, during the four month strike at San Francisco State in the winter of 1968-1969, joined with Ronald Reagan and set him on his way to the White House.

 I was there. I know.

Police State fascism has always been an integral part of Political life in San Francisco. The Power Elite will not let go. Ever.  

Brooke Jenkins is their latest agent of Repression.

34 12.3.1968
San Francisco State University under siege by law enforcement – 12.3.1968