The People took out a parking lot. Put a paradise on JFK Promenade

Lee Heidhues 11.13.2022 (Updated with final Election results 11.17.2022)

The Victory numbers continue to grow for Proposition J. With all the votes nearly counted the Safe Parks for All ballot measure now has 180,220 votes. 63.03% of the electorate.

It’s a Blowout. NO matter how you slice it.

Equally stunning, if not more impressive, is the total trashing administered to the DeDe Wilsey De Young Museum Proposition I. 190,145 voters (65.1%) have rejected this climate killing measure which would have seen cars return to JFK Promenade and The Great Walkway.

Liz Heidhues displays her “No on I. Stop The Threat To Ocean Beach” poster in the rain on JFK Promenade 11.5.2022

The People won a landslide victory on November 8, 2022 when San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition J – Safe Streets for All which made permanently car free a 1.5 mile stretch of land in Golden Gate Park.

It will be known forever as JFK Promenade.

JFK Promenade is a place for people of all ages and abilities to walk, run, eat, meet friends and cycle.

The featured photo above shows a wheelchair user enjoying the sunny afternoon on the now permanently car free JFK Promenade.

To accommodate the citizens who have difficulty accessing JFK Promenade The City of San Francisco has taken a number of actions to allay these concerns. The 800 space parking garage has been available for years and with the passage of Proposition N control of the garage has been handed to the City. More equitable parking rates are sure to follow.

There is a Free Shuttle service which runs regular routes on JFK Promenade.

In an area adjacent to JFK Promenade a number of parking spots for disabled motorists have been installed near The historic Japanese Tea Garden. There are also pickup and drop off spots for Paratransit vehicles.

To celebrate this historic and joyous victory by The People a party was held on JFK Promenade inside and outside the Beer Garden.

It was a well attended party and bodes well for what will become a destination for visitors throughout the World.

A mass of bicycles parked on JFK Promenade
A musician plays the Piano on JFK Promenade while happy onlookers enjoy the sounds
Dancing in the Park near JFK Promenade
A wheelchair occupant cruises down the permanently car free JFK Promenade
Liz Heidhues long time crusader for JFK Promenade holds aloft her banner “WORLD ON ROAD TO CLIMATE HELL. NOT ON JFK! 4EVER CAR FREE.”
A girl plays ball amongst the bicycles on JFK Promenade
Musician Skinny Katz plays the electric organ on Saturday afternoon
The crowd enjoying the JFK Promenade Victory Party

Proposition J
Safe Parks for All Ballot Measure

Deep Purple and Blue. YES on J neighborhoods
Orange and Yellow. NO on J neighborhoods.
As of November 17, 2022 Prop J WON!!! 180,220 (63.03%)YES – 105,696 (65.1%)NO

Donut enjoys resting on the grass at The Beer Garden on JFK Promenade
A running couple on Saturday afternoon on JFK Promenade
Andy Thornley, longtime fighter for JFK Promenade, holds the “NO ON I – STOP THE THREAT TO OCEAN BEACH” banner. The ill fated Proposition I, funded by the Dede Wilsey and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco was crushed by the Voters.
A young girl who can look forward to many happy times on JFK Promenade
Liz Heidhues is all smiles with Recreation and Parks Director Phil Ginsburg on JFK Promenade
Liz Heidhues and City Attorney David Chiu