Alameda elects Progressive DA S.F. should hang its head in Shame.

Lee Heidhues 11.19.2022

San Francisco should hang its collective political head in Shame.

Seduced and bought off by the MAGA crowd with 9MM.

What did San Francisco get in its place after the Recall?

The “Personal Shopper” for Mayor London Breed. A total political hack unqualified to be in the same Room with Chesa Boudin.

The Real DA Chesa Boudin – ousted in the MAGA political Coup d’etat led by Mayor London Breed

A faux Chief Law Enforcement officer who reeks of unethical behavior, prosecutorial misconduct and, now a potential criminal indictment.

And, by the way, Crime is UP since the Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins became London Breed’s photo op companion. Alameda County voters looked across the Bay and decided, “We’ll take an honest Progressive.”

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 11.19.2022

Civil rights attorney and staunch reform advocate Pamela Price will be Alameda County’s next district attorney, defeating a veteran local prosecutor and making history as the first Black person to hold the office.

Price, who had been behind in early results, pulled 53% of the 428,233 votes counted as of Friday night, overcoming Chief Assistant District Attorney Terry Wiley’s 47%.

Less than six months after San Francisco voters recalled District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a former public defender, the Alameda County district attorney election was seen as yet another test for the region’s appetite for progressive vs. more traditional prosecutors.

San Francisco ethically compromised DA Brooke Jenkins and Mayor London Breed’s handmaiden parrots the law and order line

In electing interim District Attorney Brooke Jenkins to a full term, San Francisco voters articulated their desire to see a former prosecutor who campaigned for Boudin’s recall run the office after promising more punishment for criminal defendants. 

Price claimed victory in a series of tweets Friday evening, and said her administration would embrace progressive legislative reforms that her predecessors had blocked.