“There ain’t no Great Society as it applies to you and me.” Frank Zappa

Lee Heidhues 12.2022

“There ain’t no Great Society as it applies to you and me. Our country isn’t Free.” Frank Zappa

It’s a Police State.

Cops rule America.

Aided and abetted by an American public indoctrinated with law and order rhetoric, mindless cop shows on TV.

An all too often fawning compliant media.

The media is all too often the willing handmaiden of the cops and willingly excuses their abuses

Excerpted from The San Francisco Chronicle 12.2.2022

A Vallejo police officer fired for sending a threatening email to former Chronicle columnist Otis Taylor Jr., among other misconduct allegations, was cleared of wrongdoing by an arbitrator, Open Vallejo reported.

Taylor, a managing editor of KQED, said he was surprised, but not shocked, by the decision, and that it indicates that the department is “disinterested in actual reform.”

“It’s just really disheartening,” he said. “How is anyone supposed to believe that policing in Vallejo is going to change?”

The Police will trample on the rights of Free Speech when it threatens The Authority of the State – cartoon by Eleanor Ohman

Michael Nichelini, the combative leader of Vallejo’s police union, was fired in April 2021 following an investigation into an email he sent to Taylor, who reported extensively on misconduct and abusive behavior by the Vallejo Police Department, including reports on Nichelini.

The city also cited another email that Nichelini sent to members of the police union included the image of a 1906 Vallejo police badge, which was inscribed with what appeared to be a Nazi symbol, as reason for his termination. Lawyers for Nichelini immediately appealed the termination, sending it to arbitration.

Open Vallejo reported that Nichelini called the decision overturning his termination “a win for all of us and the process” in an email sent to union members Wednesday.