Republicans kind of Guy. George Santos Admits He Lied a Lot

Lee Heidhues 12.28.2022

This story gets more bizarre by the day, if not the hour. The blatant lies spewed forth by the New York Congressman-elect started off as local news.

It has quickly spun out of control as the Republicans alternately are appalled yet will do anything to preserve their razor thin margin in the House of Representatives.

Even if it means seating someone who hasn’t even taken office and is already being investigated for his lies, and potentially more serious matters, at both the Federal and local level.

The Democrats only need sit back, smile and watch yet another Republican train wreck candidate crash and burn.

Excerpted from New York Magazine – The Intelligencer – 12.28.2022

George Santos, congressman-elect from the Third District of New York and international man of mystery, has been the feel-bad story of the holiday season.

For all the stuff Santos seems to have made up, there’s also a lot he didn’t disclose in biographical information: multiple evictions and debt defaults in New York, a criminal fraud conviction in Brazil, and a recently dissolved marriage to a woman (he claims to be openly gay and married to a man, though records on that can’t be found either so far).

The (apparently) 34-year-old Long Island Republican won one of the handful of upset races that gave his party a slim margin of control of the U.S. House. But when the New York Times began looking into his background in mid-December, it quickly became clear that the candidate who called himself the “full embodiment of the American Dream” may have been dreaming up an identity for himself.

Santos has now admitted in interviews with various media outlets that he was guilty of “embellishing his résumé.” But he insisted, “I am not a criminal,” and said he still plans to occupy his House seat on January 3, just like his 434 colleagues. With Republicans (and particularly presumptive Speaker Kevin McCarthy) needing every vote they can muster to organize the House and Democrats being reluctant to disenfranchise Santos’s constituents, he will probably get away with his lies for the present.

George Santos looks at a dubious future in Congress as the Ravens of Controversy encircle him