The Trial – “Why do you keep fighting?” We were asked over and over

Lee Heidhues 1.19.2023

We are over. We lost. We are devastated. We are demoralized.

The victors can gloat and rejoice in their triumph. Aided by 30BN insurance carriers. Ruthless attorneys. Terrible Judges in the judicial system. All allowed this to happen.

It is so horrific.

A Court ordered Mediator finally beat us into submission. “Why do you keep fighting?” we were asked over and over.

All this because eight years ago I said “You can build a fence where the previous one stood.” Those few words were the conduit for our destruction.

Now we must live with this legally sanctioned theft of our land for the rest of our lives. The State has successfully stolen a portion of our property we have owned and lived on for 39 years.

My wife sits downstairs and has the scariest look on her face. I, too, am completely upended. I really don’t know how we will continue living peacefully and feel any kind of tranquility.

We only have each other.

The entire apparatus of the State is destroying us for our free, independent, outspoken, honest behavior.

The Trial

I have no idea what will happen next. But for sure neither of us are in a good place this evening.

This is such a devastating blow.

January 20, 2023

This afternoon a morbidly obese Notary came to our home. We would not bring him into the house.

It is a painful moment when we must sign the Agreement and effectively surrender a portion of our land.

We are drained financially and mentally. It pains me to think how much worse, after spending over 400K, if we had to continue funneling money into the legal system.

I feel like early 1972 when we returned to San Francisco after years abroad with only $125.00. Broke and wondering, “What comes next?”