“Nomadic” nature of mountain lion will keep it free from capture

Lee Heidhues 2.3.2023

I hope the mountain lion remains free to live its life uninterrupted by humans.

The mountain lion protects itself from what it perceives as a threat.

“CDFW and allied agency personnel have been denied access to the primary private property and adjacent private properties.”

I appreciate the fact that State officials respected property rights to stop the hunting down a protected species.

The mountain lion was undoubtedly and understandably afraid when it was approached by a human being.

The mountain lion was protecting itself from what it perceived as a threat.

I hope the injured boy is not forever traumatized.

The mainstream media was quick, with no justification whatsoever, to label the incident in which a five year old was injured a “vicious attack.” Scare tactics which do nothing more than titillate the audience.

Excerpted from The San Francisco Chronicle 2.3.2023

California wildlife officials have called off the search for a mountain lion responsible for attacking and injuring a 5-year-old boy in San Mateo County.

Jack Trexler was attacked around 6:50 p.m. Tuesday while he was walking with his mother and grandparents along Tunitas Creek Road in rural San Mateo County. California wildlife officials searched for the cougar near the scene that night but were unable to locate it.

Jack Trexler and his mom Suzie

Jack’s mother, Suzie Trexler, charged the cougar when she saw it attack and it released her son, whom she scooped up and carried to safety. The boy was “taken to the ground” by the cougar and suffered several lacerations to his face as well as a fractured bone near his eye, according to his aunt, Amie Wagner.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife stated in a tweet on Friday that agency staff he been denied access to private property near the site of the attack, which complicated their efforts to track the mountain lion. They said lack of access and inclement weather, combined with the “nomadic” nature of mountain lions, had reduced their chances of successfully catching the animal.

“Since the day of the attack, CDFW and allied agency personnel have been denied access to the primary private property and adjacent private properties for the purpose of attempting to capture the offending mountain lion,” the tweet said.

The agency also reported Friday that it was able to use DNA to confirm that a mountain lion was responsible for the attack.

Mountain lion cubs