Chesa Boudin should run in ’24. Win the DA office stolen from him

Lee Heidhues 2.10.2023

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin has had enough of the treacherous political animal DA Brooke Jenkins who spearheaded the June 2022 political lynching which drove him from office.

Chesa has maintained a diplomatic silence during the past eight months.

But the blatant miscarriage of justice being perpetrated by Brooke Jenkins in dropping the prosecution of a San Francisco cop who gunned down a man on the streets of San Francisco was the final straw.

Brooke Jenkins in an act of total prosecutorial hypocrisy accuses Chesa Boudin of misconduct in pursuing criminal charges against the ex-cop. For that reason she intends to drop the case just as the Statute of Limitations is due to expire.

Chesa Boudin should run to gain back the office which was stolen from him by Mayor London Breed and the City Hall lifers who never considered Chesa part of the inside gang.

These people, with 9MM in funding from the most reactionary sources in America, were able to con the voters and were victorious in their effort to drive him from office.

Brooke Jenkin’s seven month tenure has done nothing to stop crime in San Francisco. The only difference now is that the law and order loving mainstream media is not holding her accountable for the lawlessness which pervades this City.

San Francisco needs to have an open and honest discussion about criminal justice in San Francisco. Not the MAGA charade foisted on the people in 2022.

Chesa in his own words as reported in The San Francisco Chronicle follow:

DA Brooke Jenkins pays close attention to her main supporters. The SFPD hierarchy. Chief Bill Scott in the background.

DA Brooke Jenkins’ dismissal of the Christopher Samaoya case is offensive and her excuses are dishonest: we charged this case based on the facts–the same facts that led the police department to fire the officer, led the judge to sign the arrest warrant.

The same facts that led the city to settle a multi-million dollar lawsuit with Keita O’Neil’s family.

It’s clear Jenkins has been coordinating with the officer’s defense team (police union lawyers) to avoid a public hearing on the disturbing facts of the case.

Jenkins is scapegoating me to try to divert attention from what this decision ultimately reveals about her: Jenkins will not hold everyone equally accountable under the law, she is deeply politically motivated, and she does not care about victims of police violence. Shame.

Drunken and delirious supporters of the Coup d’etat which ousted Chesa Boudin – June 7. 2022

Top photo – The Real DA with family and friends stand tall on the night of his political lynching.