Beauty by the Pacific in chilly extremely windy San Francisco

Photos by Lee Heidhues 2.22.2023

The weather in San Francisco has been extremely windy and chilly.

Living close by the Pacific Ocean and the Golden Gate National Recreation area I am able to capture the beauty and the the wildness of the northwest corner of the City.

The photos were taken in Sutro Heights Park and along the Coastal Trail.

There were few people on a Wednesday afternoon who wanted to brave the elements.

It was a very invigorating day to go on a photo shoot and capture the moment for posterity.

One of the lions guarding the gate to Sutro Heights Park
A fallen tree toppled over by the fierce northwest wind
Another fallen tree in Sutro Heights Park
The beginning of the Coastal Trail road
The view of the Marin Headlands from the Coastal Trail on a blustery day
The iconic Golden Gate Bridge
Further along the Coastal Trail
The beautiful white rock
The dense trees and shrubbery dominate the Coastal Trail
The view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean
The road in Sutro Heights Park
The White House in Sutro Heights Park
A tree damaged during the fierce windstorm
The best means of transportation in San Francisco