S.F. DA – No advocate for Justice when it comes to cop violence

Lee Heidhues 3.1.2023

In a total abdication and dereliction of duty in her responsibility to uphold equal Justice under the law San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins is absolving a murderous cop of any culpability in the murder of an unarmed citizen.

Brooke Jenkins should not be the Chief Law Enforcement officer in San Francisco. Her political machinations to protect the San Francisco Police Department from facing Justice for their misconduct is an abomination and miscarriage of Justice.

San Francisco Chronicle 3.1.2023

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins on Wednesday moved to dismiss the historic manslaughter prosecution of the first San Francisco police officer believed to have ever been charged with an on-duty shooting.

Once the case is dismissed, only nine days remain in the statute of limitations to file charges.

Jenkins has also delayed three other police prosecutions she inherited from Boudin, and shrunk the unit responsible for investigating alleged crimes by police, further angering reform groups that held a rally outside the Hall of Justice on Wednesday to condemn Jenkins’ actions.

The dismissal of the case against former Officer Christopher Samayoa, who was just days out of the police academy when he fatally shot a fleeing, unarmed Keita O’Neil in December 2017, has become a flashpoint for Jenkins and police reform advocates who say she is backing off her campaign promise to hold officers accountable for excessive violence.

Judge Loretta M. Giorgi granted but stayed filing the dismissal until March 7 in case Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office requests more time to weigh whether it will take up the prosecution.

Jenkins said the case never should have gone to court, and has characterized it as a political prosecution by her recalled predecessor, former District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who charged Samayoa nine months after taking office in 2020, and after discovering that he had only days to do so before the statute of limitations would expire.

S.F. DA cheerleader for the cops