Julian Assange target of the U.S. government for over ten years

Lee Heidhues 3.17.2023

Julian Assange has been the target of the American government over ten years for making public documents and video evidence about American involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American Department of Justice is continuing to seek his extradition from England where he has been imprisoned.

Despite the world wide outcry from governments, media outlets and tens of thousands of citizens the Biden administration will not drop its extradition request.

The persecution of Julian Assange is an assault on the free press and an attack on human rights.

Most graphic documentation released by Assange is the murder of several civilians by the American military in Iraq which has come to be known as Collateral Murder


A documentary about Julian Assange and his continued imprisonment in England, Ithaka, is being shown at the selected theaters in the United States. Democracy Now interviewed Julian’s father and brother. Interviews which are part of a segment. A link to the Democracy Now segment and the trailer are attached.