Callousness of the citizen who could have offered assistance

Lee Heidhues 4.6.2023

Following are my comments in the San Francisco Chronicle about the murder of Bob Lee and the apparent callousness of a citizen who could have offered assistance to a dying man.

If the media reports are correct, is the fact Bob Lee approached a motorist who opened his door. Saw Bob bleeding. Drove away. So much for helping someone in dire need. I wonder how this Loser feels today. All too Typical American response. Don’t get involved. Pathetic. This is a family newspaper. I can’t say what I really think about the individual who fled the scene.”

You won’t see the graphic photos and video of Bob Lee’s final moments readily available in the local San Francisco media.

The San Francisco Standard linked the following article complete with video and still photos.

It’s chilling and difficult to watch.

Excerpted from U.K. 4.6.2023

EXCLUSIVE: Harrowing final moments of Cash App founder Bob Lee, 43, as he staggers outside luxury high-rise after knife attack and tries to get help – and residents say video is shocking proof that crime in San Fran is OUT OF CONTROL

  • Harrowing CCTV footage obtained by shows Bob Lee staggering and then collapsing on the street after being stabbed in San Francisco 
  • Lee appears disoriented as he approaches an apartment building at 2:34am Tuesday, clutching his side with one hand, and holding his phone with another
  • He tries to flag down a passing car to no avail, before frantically dialing on his phone. The brutal killing has ignited concern over public safety in San Francisco
Nearby the site where Bob Lee was stabbed and left to die at 2:30AM April 3, 2023