Why no mainstream media scorn and outrage toward DA Jenkins?

Lee Heidhues 4.26.2023

There’s a major missing political component to the story regarding the altercation between a former Fire Commissioner and a homeless man in the City’s Marina neighborhood.

Where is the mainstream media scorn and outrage being directed towards Brooke Jenkins, London Breed and the entire City Hall gang which politically lynched Chesa Boudin in June 2022?

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, who rode to office as a cheerleader and instigator of the political lynching of her one time boss Progressive DA Chesa Boudin is getting an unjustified pass.

This incident, had it occurred a year ago, would have been grist for the mill for Brooke Jenkins, Mayor London Breed and the entire toxic law and order crowd polluting San Francisco.

It appears likely that the Superior Court judge assigned to this case will soon discharge Garrett Alan Doty. Why? The public defender has presented ample evidence that Don Carmignani instituted the altercation earlier this month.

Victim or perpetrator? – Ex-SF Fire Commissioner Don Carmignani and friend

It will be yet another embarrassment for the Mayor’s hand picked DA.

Legally speaking the Court will be taking the correct action in releasing Mr. Doty.

Garrett Alan Doty – 2018 photo

In addition, if the evidence is correct, obtaining a conviction would be very difficult. It would require a unanimous verdict in a criminal trial.

Were Chesa Boudin District Attorney the mainstream media, Mayor Breed and the paranoid San Francisco public would be piling on. Bloviating endlessly that San Francisco has become a dystopian cesspool of rampant crime and lawlessness. Scapegoating Chesa Boudin relentlessly, viciously and without let up.

Now the mob’s Scapegoat is no longer available to kick around.

The Mission Local, hardly the MSM, is one outlet reporting the details of the story. But, even this respected journal has not criticized Brooke Jenkins directly.

Top photo – Mayor London Breed and her handpicked DA Brooke Jenkins surround themselves with the Flag at San Francisco City Hall – July 7, 2022