Nazi Swastika display. Police say No crime has been committed.

Lee Heidhues 5.18.2023

I confess to be genuinely shocked and dismayed when I read this investigative piece in The Jewish News of California.

At least in California there are laws on the books which can be utilized to convict and imprison those who engage in these hate crimes.

The California penal code section 11411classifies as a misdemeanor the placing or displaying of a swastika on “private and nonprivate property… with the intent to terrorize a person.” Updated in the 2021-22 legislative session, the crime now carries a prison sentence of one to three years.

It is almost beyond belief that such Nazi like behavior is common place in America nearly 80 years after Hitler’s demonic genocidal regime was crushed to rubble in May 1945.

Horrifically this repulsive ideology has survived and even more scary is the fact it is alive and well in America in 2023. The authorities need to stop dancing around with all this free speech rhetoric. The people and their hate mongering must be put down and crushed by any means necessary.

These are the same people, encouraged by closet fascist Donald Trump who brought us the January 6, 2021 attempted Coup d’etat.

Pictures of Goyim Defense League banners supporting Kanye West’s comments about Jews went viral after they were captured in Los Angeles, Oct. 22, 2022. (Screenshot from Twitter)

Excerpted from The Jewish News of Northern California 4.28.2023

They’ve hit big cities and small towns. Elementary schools and college campuses. City parks and the front yards of suburban homes.

Even in San Francisco with its large Jewish community.

Flyers claiming Covid is a Jewish plot, which hit San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood in January 2022, were discovered by a father and daughter on their weekly Sunday morning walk. Rivka, 13, had just had her bat mitzvah.

“It was an opportunity to teach [her] to never take anything for granted,” her father, Joe Staenberg, told J. at the time. “We should not ever think for a moment, even living in Pacific Heights, that antisemitism doesn’t exist.”

In live, near daily video streams, Goyim TV ringleader Jon Minadeo Jr.,  until recently a resident of Petaluma, directs his viewers to a website featuring online, printable PDFs of the antisemitic flyers. He encourages viewers to print, pack and drop as many as they can, wherever they may be, and offers rewards — like free antisemitic T-shirts — to those whose propaganda campaign successfully generates coverage on TV news.

They’re carefully designed and pop with color. Most are folded and stuffed into plastic sandwich bags, weighed down with rice or pebbles so they won’t blow away.

They are flyers that blame Jews for Covid, deny the Holocaust and claim Jewish control of the media.

Hate crime charges in these cases are unlikely, a police spokesman told the Palm Beach Post, as perpetrators  have not technically committed a crime.

All are the work of Goyim TV, also known as the Goyim Defense League, a virulent white supremacist network that for years was based in Petaluma. It lurks in dark corners of the internet — and its followers emerge in the dead of night with stacks of hateful leaflets.

Analysis of Goyim TV flyer incidents across the U.S. includes this map — (Screenshot/Google Maps)

A new national data mapping project by J., based on media reports, shows the breadth of the group’s activity going back to August 2019, when the first flyer drop in Novato was recorded by J.

J.’s analysis, which concluded in March 2023, comes as jurisdictions large and small, particularly in Florida where Goyim TV is now headquartered, are wrestling with what to do about the proliferation of flyer drops and other activity. Lawmakers in Florida are even trying to make the acts a felony.

Keeping its focus on incidents that were covered by news outlets, J.’s review found 233 reports of Goyim TV flyer drops across the country over the past 3½ years, covering 177 cities and towns in 36 states. Based on even higher ADL numbers, it is evident there are many more incidents that do not make the news.

The Anti-Defamation League’s recent annual audit of antisemitic incidents reported a dramatic increase in all incidents of harassment, vandalism and assault against Jews in 2022. The organization counted 3,697 reported incidents, a 36% increase over 2021.

Jon Minadeo during a December 2022 Goyim TV livestream.

Of the ADL’s 2022 total, the distribution of antisemitic flyers accounted for 852 incidents, well over half of them attributed to Goyim TV. It was a major uptick from 2021 “largely due to the growth of the Goyim Defense League (GDL) and its accelerated tempo of antisemitic propaganda campaigns,” the ADL audit said.

Yet Goyim TV’s activities are not limited to dropping antisemitic literature.

In several instances, Minadeo and others have embarked on so-called “Name the Nose” tours, on which they distribute propaganda and drive through cities harassing passersby and shouting slurs from their car windows.

In October 2022, followers hung a banner reading “Kanye is right about the Jews” over Interstate 405 in Los Angeles, after the rapper tweeted antisemitic comments. In February of this year, Goyim TV members went to NASCAR’s Daytona 500 race in Florida and hung a banner reading “Henry Ford was right about the Jews” over the speedway. Later, they used a laser projector to cast “Hitler was right” on the track wall.

Top photo – American Nazis on the march.