Babylon Berlin

Watching this Series on Netflix in German with Subtitles. European drama is often so much more involved politically and culturally.

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 10.16.2017

It’s a declaration of love to the exalted lifestyle of Berlin of the 1920s. Director Tom Tykwer, who has already worked on historical films such as “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” (2006), felt strongly about this: “The story is set in a city going through a cultural explosion, an abrupt decline of moral standards and complete upheaval. Back then, different artists from all over came together, and simply came up with something radically new.”

The TV series “Babylon Berlin” features all the well-documented excesses of the Weimar Republic: wild dance scenes, bitter poverty and glamorous wealth, explicit sex scenes in nightclubs and the noisy threat of violence by the up-and-coming Nazis.

Filmmaker Tom Tykwer was joined by colleagues Achim von Borries and Hendrik Handloegten to direct the series, which has two seasons, and a total of 16 episodes. Together, they developed the screenplay, as well as the series’ cleverly interwoven story lines. “Babylon Berlin” is the most costly TV series ever produced in Germany, and one of the best.

Gereon Rath, a young detective from Cologne who has been ordered to Berlin on a secret mission, is also shocked by the night life in the capital — but he is soon infected by the city’s pulsating energy. As if sucked into a massive maelstrom, he plunges into the realm of the criminals who cross his path, fascinated by the world of nightclubs and vaudeville hows.

The poverty of the proletariat, the luxuries of the wealthy – these conflicting worlds clash in the TV series.


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