More on Hillary Ronen Being Trashed by Her “Progressive” Cadres

Check out the photo.  It’s Great. Hillary, second from the left, along with her San Francisco City Hall staff.

It is really shameful that Hillary Ronen was not selected by her comrades.  More glaring is the fact the  presumed Progs now have eight of the 11 Supervisorial seats.

Last Friday  I was cycling across McAllister and Polk by City Hall.  Supervisors Sandy Fewer and Norman Yee walked across the street by me in deep conversation.

That should have been a “heads up.”

Heather Knight’s column on the masthead of the Bay Area section in Tuesday’s Chronicle says it all.  There’s a vicious double standard at work here.  Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, now Hillary Ronen all get dissed because they are assertive and aggressive women.

I have never liked this misogynistic behavior.  Sandy and Aaron Peskin should be ashamed of themselves.  I suppose Sandy has a quasi-decent rationale because Norman Yee is Asian and now that late Mayor Ed Lee is gone the Asian community needs an influential voice in a power position at San Francisco City Hall.

There is no excuse for Aaron’s behavior.

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez has a good column in today’s Examiner about the internecine warfare amongst the Progs.

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