California Highway Patrol investigator protected Nazis. Targeted their victims

Fascists and Nazi Sympathizers  in Law Enforcement. Close to San Francisco

The Guardian of London 1.25.2019

Court hearings reveal CHP investigator in stabbings of leftwing protesters pursued criminal cases against anti-fascists but advocated no charges for armed white supremacists.

The testimony of a California police officer leading the inquiry into a series of stabbings at a neo-Nazi rally indicated that he targeted leftwing activists and victims rather than focusing his investigation on armed white supremacists.

The officer, Donovan Ayres, a 12-year-veteran of the California highway patrol, admitted he pursued information on the political affiliations and online activity of leftwing activists and victims. He testified Tuesday as a key witness in the state’s ongoing case against three anti-fascist activists charged with assault and “rioting” during a brawl between neo-Nazis and counter-protesters at the state capitol in June 2016.

Ayres was tasked with investigating the violence that erupted at the event, including the stabbing and beating of at least eight anti-fascist protesters. But his testimony in a packed courtroom earlier this week, along with hundreds of pages of reports he wrote, have revealed the officer’s acquiescence to the neo-Nazis and the way he repeatedly advocated they not face any criminal consequences.

“It’s extremely troubling that a police officer wouldn’t [seek] to get all the information available about all the actors involved in the violent episode,” said Mike German, a former FBI agent and expert on the far right who reviewed some of Ayres’ documents for the Guardian. “Law enforcement should always look at who has a history of violence … The victims of the most egregious violence were counter-protesters.”

The CHP and the prosecutors declined the Guardian’s request for a comment. Officer Ayres did not respond to multiple inquiries.

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