The Socialist That Could. Give the Trumpsters Fits.

You have to love this WSJ hit piece. While striving to be snarky and cutting, the writer unwittingly gives a lot of love to Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. The misogynist white male dominated Trumpster Republican Party is seeing the future and doesn’t like the view.

This columnist is entertaining.

Excerpt from Kimberly Strassel OpEd- Wall Street Journal 2.8.2019

The Republican Party has a secret weapon for 2020. It’s especially effective because it’s stealthy: The Democrats seem oblivious to its power. And the GOP needn’t lift a finger for it to work. All Republicans have to do is sit back and watch 29-year-old Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . . . exist.

AOC, as she’s better known, today exists largely in front of the cameras. In a few months she’s gone from an unknown New York bartender to the democratic socialist darling of the left and its media hordes. Her megaphone is so loud that she rivals Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the face of the Democratic Party. Republicans don’t know whether to applaud or laugh. Most do both.

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