San Francisco police union tosses out former boss. Disrespected late Public Defender Jeff Adachi

People like Gary Delagnes  deserve a special place in the wasteland of respectable society. Good riddance.  Enjoy your retirement.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 3.14.2019

Deputy Public Defender Rebecca Young, who co-chairs the San Francisco Public Defender’s Racial Justice Committee, said she was “revolted” after seeing former POA boss Gary Delagnes’ post about her former boss.

“I did feel that Jeff, who was an extremely powerful presence in our city and in our lives, would reach out from the grave and undo that man permanently — I was sure of it,” she said.

Gary Delagnes Facebook post, which came six days after Adachi died from a suspected heart attack on Feb. 22, characterized Adachi as a “vile, despicable, bottom feeding human being” and included accusations involving the late public defender’s family.

Delagnes, 64, retired from the department in 2013, but stayed on with the union as a paid private consultant.

SFPOA 3.14.2019

Tony Montoya, the current president of the union, said the post not only crossed the line by mentioning Adachi’s family, but damaged the recent work he’s been doing to generate goodwill in City Hall and the community.

Montoya said he understood Delagnes was venting, which “was his prerogative,” following a string of mostly positive media stories on Adachi, a longtime adversary of the department.

“But when it got back to me that I was somehow complicit in Gary’s rant, I knew I had to take action for the betterment of my membership,” Montoya said. He called Delagnes and informed him he was out of the consultant job.

“I had a great run,” Delagnes told The Chronicle on Wednesday night. “No regrets. My time is over. I wish everybody well.”

News of Delagnes’ departure from the association was welcomed from his longtime foes at the public defender’s office.

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