Another cyclist death. San Franciscans Outraged. Want protection now.

March 18, 2019

Liz Heidhues and I have been riding our bicycles in San Francisco since 1972. Bicycles are our means of transportation. We have never owned a car.

How many cyclists will die before San Francisco really protects its cyclists?

I will join outraged and grieving bicyclists  at San Francisco City Hall on March 19 at 12:30 pm to demand City officials immediately  install more dedicated bike lanes,  and place restrictions on vehicles in these bike friendly corridors.

Despite a number of increased bike lanes, San Francisco is still a dangerous place for cyclists.  The death of 30 year old Tess Rothstein on February 22 as the Stanford grad cycled near 6th and Howard Street traumatized and motivated the cycling community. Photo atop this Post is her mangled bicycle.

Tess Rothstein 3.19.2019.png

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, with over 10,000 members, has been fighting for the rights and protection of cyclists since 1972.

Tess Rothstein III 3.19.2019

Photo above. Human bike lane on Howard Street after death of Tess Rothstein

Liz and bike II 3.19.2019.jpg

Liz Heidhues bringing home the unwieldy freight on her bicycle. A bicycle can bring home anything

Lee 8.16.2017.jpg

Lee parked on Market Street.


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