Another Netanyahu scandal??!! German prosecutors probe Israeli submarine deal

Trumps’ buddy. Bibi Netanyahu. Two Corrupt Politicians who Continue to Prosper by letting their underlings take the Fall

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 3.26.2019

Prosecutors have launched an investigation into a submarine deal between German firm ThyssenKrupp and the Israeli military. Persistent bribery allegations linked to the sale have dogged Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

One of the scandals spiraling around Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has caught the attention of German authorities investigating potential use of taxpayers’ money to bribe Israeli officials.
Netanyahu Corruption 3.26.2019

State prosecutors in Bochum confirmed to DW that they have started an investigation into possible bribery as part of a deal to sell three “Dolphin” class submarines and four corvette ships from German manufacturer ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems to the Israeli military. The deal was approved by the German government in July 2017.

Prosecutors said in an email that after “assessing [international] press reports,” an investigation into unknown persons had begun, but refused to offer any more details. German authorities had previously only been “observing” the case.

Israeli police, who have been investigating so-called “Case 3000” for more than two years, filed bribery-related charges against six people last November, including David Shimron, Netanyahu’s family lawyer who also represented ThyssenKrupp’s former agent in Israel, Michael Ganor. Netanyahu himself is not a suspect.


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