Palestinians killed as protesters clash with IDF at unrest anniversary

Israeli Defense Force (IDF) exerts its  military might to quell protests, kill and injure Palestinian citizens.  This is all a part of the corrupt, recently indicted, for corruption, Bibi Netanyahu’s upcoming re election campaign. It’s Bibi’s version of “Make Israel Great, Again (by waging war against the Palestinians).”

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 3.30.2019

Deadly clashes broke out in Gaza as thousands of Palestinians clashed with Israeli forces at a protest marking a year of unrest in the region. Israeli military fired live rounds, according to eyewitnesses.

Palestinian Protests II 3.30.2019

 A Palestinian 17-year-old died and dozens injured during the large Saturday demo at the Gaza border, the territory’s Health Ministry said. Palestinian officials and eyewitnesses reported Israelis using live rounds, with some of the injured also shrapnel wounds, rubber bullet hits, or injuries from the fired tear gas canisters.

Groups of protesters attempted to approach the Gaza fence. Israeli army said protesters were throwing rocks and setting tires on fire, as well lobbing grenades and explosive devices.

“IDF troops are responding with riot dispersal means and are firing in accordance with standard operating procedures,” they said.

Mosques in Gaza City used their loudspeakers to urge the people to attend, with buses shuttling demonstrators to the site, despite rainy weather.

Hours before the protest, a Palestinian man in his early twenties was killed by Israeli army fire, Palestinian officials said. The ministry said Mohammed Saad died after suffering head wounds from shrapnel. Israel did not comment on the case.

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