SF police ripped by Supervisors. Scandalous. Leaked Adachi report

San Francisco Police Department officials are being justifiably ripped for the unconscionable leak of an SFPD report shortly after Jeff Adachi’s (shown above) sudden and untimely death on February 22, 2019. This police misconduct needs to be punished.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 4.19.2019
“Information our office obtained suggests very strongly that the SFPD report in Jeff’s case was sold to the media,” said Matt Gonzalez, chief attorney in the public defender’s office. “If true, it represents a significant lapse in ethics and it betrays the public trust. That this happened in a matter involving an elected official who sometimes battled the police only further troubles us.”matt-gonzalez-and-mano-raju-mission-local-3.11.2019.jpg

Photo above: Matt Gonzalez with new Public Defender Manohar Raju 3.11.2019

San Francisco supervisors castigated the city’s Police Department Thursday over a pair of recent stumbles in which sensitive private information — including an incident report related to the death of former Public Defender Jeff Adachi, a vocal police critic — was improperly released to the public.

Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer first called for the hearing following the improper release of a confidential police report documenting Adachi’s death that was obtained by multiple news outlets, including The Chronicle, in the days after he was pronounced dead. Adachi’s widow, Mutsuko Adachi, attended the hearing and called the police department’s actions “despicable.”

Remarks from  deputy public defender Matt Gonzalez at the Government Audit and Oversight Committee meeting also suggested that a copy of the leaked report had been shopped to media outlets for $2,500. Investigations into the improper release of the report are ongoing.

Police Commander Greg McEachern said the Adachi family deserved an apology, “and I’m offering that today.” Adachi died Feb. 22.


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