Worth $90,000, Hitler’s ‘suicide note’ up for auction

It is certainly surprising to read this story in the Palestinian territories news agency.

Ma’an News Agency 4.27.2019

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Adolf Hitler’s final memo, dubbed as his “suicide note” went up for auction and was estimated to be worth $90,000.

Hitler suicide note II 4.27.2019.jpg

The telegraph message, is believed to be the only evidence of Hitler’s refusal to leave Berlin in April 1945 and thought to be written as the Russian Army was closing in on the German capital.
The message was sent to Field Marshal Ferdinand Schorner, who was the last commander-in-chief of the German Army during the Nazi regime, on April 24th.
Hitler wrote, “I shall remain in Berlin, so as to take part, in honourable fashion, in the decisive battle for Germany, and to set a good example to all those remaining.”
He added, “I believe that in this way I shall be rendering Germany the best service,” noting “For the rest of you, every effort must be made to win the struggle for Berlin. You can there help decisively, by pushing northwards as early as possible.”
According to a statement by Bill Panagopulos of Alexander Historical Auctions in the United States, which is the company auctioning the letter, said, “This is essentially Hitler’s ‘suicide note.’’
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