Steph Curry’s 33 second-half. Warriors eliminate Rockets with Game 6 win

Breaking News 4.15.2019

CBS News 5.10.2019

Despite all odds being stacked against them, the Golden State Warriors eliminated the Houston Rockets in Game 6 with a 118-113 victory.

With the Warriors missing Kevin Durant due to a calf strain and Golden State playing on the road at the Toyota Center, the defending champions relied on a huge first-half performance from Klay Thompson (21 points in the first half), a clutch fourth quarter from Stephen Curry and a surprising performance from the team’s bench to eliminate their Western Conference rivals.

Curry led the way with 33 points while Thompson finished the night with 27 points.

Golden State will now await the winner of Game 7 between the Portland Trail Blazers and Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. Here are some major takeaways from Golden State’s victory:

The old Warriors

This is no disrespect to Kevin Durant, who is, at this point, pretty indisputably the best player in the NBA in my opinion. But my goodness are the old Warriors are something to behold. They are not perfect. They turn the ball over. They make stupid plays and get in foul trouble. But have you ever seen a team that fights like this?

“Not going to swear tonight. They’re giants. They’re champions. These guys are a historically good basketball team,” Steve Kerr said of his Warriors. “You do not do what these guys have done without an incredible combination of talent and character.”

Curry has never struggled with his shot like this. For five games against Houston he was shooting 26 percent from three. He went 0 for 5 in the first half and was held scoreless. He looked awful. That is not an overstatement. Full-blown awful. 

So what does he do?

Warriors 5.10.2019.jpg

He comes out and scores 33 second-half points including some monster shots in crunch time.

Forget the otherworldly shooting ability — this is what pure, unabashed confidence looks like. There might not be another player in the world who can shooting, and playing, that poorly to flat out dominating in the blink of an eye like he never missed a beat. Just remarkable, the willingness and self-belief to keep playing through those struggles at full speed, no hesitation, against relentless double teams and traps, with the stakes that high and a world of criticism awaiting him if he didn’t turn it around. Never doubt Steph Curry. Ever. Unless you want to look like a fool.

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