Rogue San Francisco Police Officers’ Association Out of Control

May 25, 2019

By – Lee Heidhues

“Progressive” San Francisco  must hit  hard at the POA for a shameful, dangerous intervention in the political process. The Mayor and Board of Supervisors cannot allow themselves to be intimidated by a Police State.

The POA was not satisfied with trashing Jeff Adachi  after his death.  The release of a Police Report compiled the night of his death on February 22, by as yet unnamed cops, was illegal and unethical.

The May 10 detention and brutalization of a local freelance journalist  by a squadron of local cops and FBI agents raised the hackles and set off  the alarm bells of Press Freedom advocates.


Chief of Police William Scott (pictured above), local elected officials and the Judiciary have been villilfied for their  generally silent reaction to what can  be described as a Police State action in conducting the raid on a Journalist.

Finally, the Chief has apologized for the actions of his department.

This apology is too much for the POA. It published a strident Statement blasting the Chief, ridiculing him in the most abusive manner and calling for his immediate resignation.

The POA is engaging in an act of shameful behavior which can be described as “eating its own.”

SFPOA 3.14.2019

San Francisco Chronicle 5.25.2019 News Story

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