“Strange Days” Overlooked Futuristic Film. Intense Violent Disturbing

May 26, 2019

In 1995 I saw the wildly intense, futuristic film “Strange Days” starring Ralph Fiennes (shown above) and Angela Bassett, directed by Kathryn Bigelow. In its time the film was generally overlooked and panned by critics, though Roger Ebert gave it four stars. Perhaps because of its violence and mind boggling plot line the critics and viewing public took a pass on this film.

Strange Days IV 5.26.2019.jpg

Nearly 25 years later “Strange Days” deserves another look, if for nothing else to see Juliette Lewis (above) do an incredible cover of the PJ Harvey song “Hardly Wait.”

Make no mistake there are very disturbing scenes in this film.

Strange Days III 5.26.2019

Nonetheless, the use of technology in “Strange Days” in the form of “Clips” is thought provoking and intense. Considering that Director Kathryn Bigelow put this in the public arena a quarter century ago is amazing.

The film ranks right up there with the original 1982 “Blade Runner.” It, too, was generally overlooked at the time. Now it is considered a cult classic.

Attached is the Wikipedia article on “Strange Days.”


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