San Francisco cops display their modus operandi during Pride Festival.

Every Picture Tells a Story Ongoing Series

SFPD effectively by deploying overwhelming force swiftly put down a brief protest by the group “Anti-ICE SF” during the massive Pride Festival on the City’s Market Street thoroughfare.

Article and Photos – San Francisco Chronicle 6.30.2019

SFPD Pride Parade IV 6.30.2019.jpg

The group, part of Abolish ICE SF, handed out a printed letter of demands calling for SF Pride to exclude police and pointing out the hypocrisy they see in inviting police to celebrate the anniversary of a clash with cops.

SFPD Pride Parade III 6.30.2019

Too many years San Francisco Pride has chosen to ignore the asks for a safer pride free from police,” the letter said. “They care more about pleasing corporate interests and hosting a massive party than listening to LGBTQ2S communities and keeping them safe.”

SFPD Pride Parade V 6.30.2019

Police arrested Taryn Saldivar, 21, of Oakland, and Kenneth Bilecki, 27, of Santa Rosa, on charges of resisting arrest and interfering with a parade route. Saldivar was also charged with battery on a police officer, police said, noting that one officer was treated at the scene for a nonlife-threatening injury.

As police drove the two protesters away in a van, the crowd chanted “Shame!” and “Let them go!”

SFPD Pride Parade I 6.30.2019.jpg

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